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The MOBE difference.

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Core belief: Cut health care costs through healthier outcomes.

Why we do what we do:

We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to live their healthiest life. We use lifestyle management and expert health and medication guidance to help people get healthier in every way: physically, mentally, and emotionally. When people get healthier, the businesses that employ them, and the health plans that cover them, greatly reduce their health care costs. Healthier people and reducing health care costs are what MOBE is all about.

People first.

Our profoundly human approach to helping people get healthier starts with the relationship between our expert health Guides and the individuals they serve. This crucial one-to-one relationship is supported by a robust digital platform.

Good pharma. Perfect timing.

Comprehensive medication management is a pillar in our program. Along with our expert health guides, we have clinical pharmacists on staff who take a fresh, complete look at participants’ prescriptions, supplements, and OTC medications. Initial consultations typically last 60 to 90 minutes, with ample opportunities for follow-up conversations. The result? 15% reduction in Rx use, and 94% of people receive a recommendation for a change in one or more medications.

Power in numbers.

Our AI-driven predictive analytics are our superpower when it comes to identifying and segmenting populations who will benefit the most from our program. We look at a unique mix of behavior patterns, clinical risk, and triggers allowing us to focus on those individuals who stand to benefit the most from our program, as well as representing best business outcomes for our clients.

Rules of engagement.

Our industry-leading engagement rates can top 30% for a targeted population. How do we do it? Our engagement strategy focuses on the whole person rather than specific conditions, which is a better way to connect with people. We use intelligent data triggers to ensure relevant and timely delivery of messages. Our market-tested, high-performing outreach campaigns are welcome in the inbox and mailbox. We are passionate about helping people get healthier, and our high engagement rates prove it.

Leveling-up health.

We recognize the profound impact social determinants of health (SDoH) have on individuals and most health outcomes are determined outside of the health care system. Individuals struggling with unsafe housing, discrimination, food islands, and more, can benefit from a whole-person approach to health. However, most health and well-being programs do not address SDoH risk factors when designing and implementing their programs. With our whole-person approach, we can successfully achieve better health outcomes for all.

Proven savings.

We are so confident that we can save our clients' money by helping people get healthier—we can guarantee it. On average, we typically save 7.5% in claims costs for a targeted population in the first year alone. We have conducted randomized controlled trials to prove outcomes for our clients, and we can prove attribution to our program. Our payment is a shared portion of the overall savings. The bottom line: We don’t make money unless we help people get healthier.

MOBE is all in on health, savings and outcomes.

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